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American Airlines Pilots Use iPads


American Airlines will now be saving around $1 million in their annual fuel costs by ditching the 35-pound pilot bag

filled with documents and maps, and switching to using iPads in the cockpit. American Airlines is the first major

commercial airline company to use iPads during the flight. More than 8,000 iPads have been given to active pilots

and trainers, eliminating more than 24 million pages of paper documents.

Norfolk State University contributes to 2013 All-America City awards

Norfolk State University contributes to 2013 All-America City awards

Norfolk, VA - National Civic League named Norfolk one of ten winners of the 2013 All-America City Awards, an honor given each year to towns, cities, neighborhoods and metropolitan regions for outstanding civic achievement.

The 2013 All-America City Awards were held June 14-16 in Denver, Colorado.
Norfolk was honored for three community-based projects: supporting veterans in a state of wellness, flooding mitigation, and neighbors building neighborhoods.  Major contributors for this award included Norfolk State University, contributing $171 million to Norfolk and Hampton Roads Region in 2012.

Listed alphabetically by state, the 2013 All-America Cities are:
Birmingham, Alabama
Downey, California
Montrose, Colorado
Peoria, Illinois
Dubuque, Iowa
Owensboro, Kentucky
Dunn, North Carolina
Garner, North Carolina
Thomasville, North Carolina
Norfolk, Virginia

iOS 7 Siri Improves

iOS 7 Siri Improves


Wouldn’t it be nice if Siri could pronounce names correctly? Well soon your wish will be coming true.


Siri for iOS 7 will now ask for clarification when having trouble pronouncing a name, or, you can manually teach Siri to learn the correct pronunciation.


Facebook users exposed


Six million Facebook users have been exposed by a Facebook bug.

Personal details such as emails and telephone numbers have accidentally been shared with people that normally wouldn’t have access to that information. A security advisor said that the exposure happened because of the way in which Facebook uploaded contact lists and address books onto the site.

The bug was discovered by an outside programmer. Facebook said that the information was probably shared with people who already knew the exposed individuals. The bug has been fixed.

Recall on Jeep Liberty Strollers

96,000 Jeep Liberty strollers have been recalled by Kolcraft. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that 18 people have been injured by the tires of these strollers blowing out. The injuries took place when the tires were being inflated, causing cuts and bruises to the face, head, torso, arms, or legs. The strollers were sold at Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, Toys R Us, and other retailers in the US and Canada between June 2010 and June 2013.





Newspaper Removes Word ‘Democrat’ from Name

The Fauquier Times-Democrat announced that it is removing the word ‘Democrat’ from its name. The Virginian

newspaper said it’s changing its name because of the increase in the nation’s conflicting politics.

155 workers in Elizabeth City furloughed after protest over Coast Guard contract

Elizabeth City, Va. – After winning a five-year, $200 million contract from the Coast Guard, one Elizabeth City company still has to temporarily lay off more than 150 of their workers.

“This is the largest furlough we have had here in Elizabeth City in the 10 years I have been here,” said City Manager Rich Olson.

DRS Technologies, who performs C-130 overhauls for the Coast Guard, made the formal announcement this week.

DRS refused to comment on camera, but tell us about 60 percent of their workforce in Elizabeth City will no longer be actively employed, after a stop work order was issued by the Coast Guard for their brand new contract.

“As with any government contract, you have opportunity to protest the bid, and one of the bidders that were unsuccessful did protest the contract,” said Olson.